Why Choose ITMAS for NBN?

Why choose ITMAS for Fibre?

  • Great Value NBN plans and pricing starting from $35.00 per month
  • Uploads are not counted towards your monthly plan allowance.
  • NO excess usage download charges on any Fibre plans
  • Free Phone Number (VoIP DID) when you choose one or out great value Voice Plans
  • Get speeds up to five times faster* than your old ADSL2+ connection!
  • Connect you and your family to more people and places via smooth video conferencing.
  • High speed HD Video Streaming from our QuickFlix service (coming soon)

* Speeds are dependent on internal and external factors such as network configuration, number or individual users

Our provider is Exetel.             When will you be connected.

Who is Exetel?

In operation since February 2004. Exetel has a customer base of over 125,000 customers Australia wide. Be one of the first customers to connect on to Fibre and join our growing exclusive customer base who enjoy paying less.#

Follow the link to find our more about our NBN Fibre plans.

# Subject to an initial service qualification check.


Exetel VoIP Plans

Exetel offers a FREE VoIP DID with every Residential VoIP plan that is purchased.

A DID means direct inward dial. This is your phone number. You can have more than one VoIP connection using the same phone number, at the same time.

What this means, is if you have two phone handsets connected, you are able to be on a phone call, and still able to make and receive phone calls on a second line.... with the same number.

You can opt for the higher value VoIP plans with cheaper call costs at the time of order, or at any other time during your service period with Exetel.

As the old copper lines are disconnected 18 months after NBN is connected in your area, you will need to choose a provider for the new system. You can stay with your existing provider if they have VoIP as an option, which most will do, or take a look at the savings to be made by changing to Exetel.

You will be able to retain your existing phone number and continue to use your existing phone. Nothing will change in your daily use of telecommunications equipment.

Plan Monthly Plan

Included Untimed Calls to All
Landlines & Non-Exetel VoIP
services within Australia

Per Call Rate (Untimed) to
Landlines & Non-Exetel VoIP
services within Australia
Per Minute Charge to
Mobiles within Australia
Total Minimum
 RV5 $5.00 60 $0.10 $0.25 $5.00
 RV15  $15.00  250  $0.095  $0.22  $15.00
 RV30  $30.00  500  $0.09  $0.20  $20.00

| No contract | $0.30 per call to 13/1300 numbers | Free calls between Exetel VoIP numbers | International Calls from $0.02 per minute |
Total MinimumCost for a Residential VoIP Plan on a Month to Month Contract Term = (Monthly Plan Charges X 1 Month)